Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh Dear, What MB of NS is doing?

MB NS - Mohamad Hasan

It is pity to see the old building of SK Nyatoh in Rantau which is under the constituency of the MB Negeri Sembilan – Mohamad Hassan has been neglected under his “own nose”. The roof and walls of the building were on the verge of collapse due to damage caused by termite and almost crushed a student.

MB must have vision and proactive in action in ensuring the state can prosper in the current uncertainties of the economy in the country and worldwide. It is a shame that the school building which is the basic infrastructure for the students in his constituency has been overlooked. Mohamad Hasan is not an ordinary “Wakil Rakyat”. He is the “Menteri Besar” of Negeri Sembilan. In the State Assembly, he used to dominate all the session and in many occasions, he himself replying to all the questions without giving the opportunities to his own Exco Members to reply in the question and answer session.

We need MB who can perform and not who like to talk but doing nothing. The economy of NS must spur and it requires proper planning and full effort in realizing it. We have to come out with a concrete plan in the development of manufacturing industries, tourism, services, agriculture, education, medical and all other potential sectors that could generate the economy in the state.

Prior to the new planning, all existing problems should be solved. But in NS, there are still numbers of issues that inherited from the previous MB – Isa Samad still unsettled.

No wonder, after becoming MB in Negeri Sembilan in 2004, all of the abandon projects are still not being revived such as Kemayan Square, the hotel project in front of SM KGV and the eyesore pool that used to be SM Convent site in the center of Seremban town.

Unsafe building forces 400 pupils to study under tents - NST 09 Oct. 2008

By Dharshini

Pupils of SK Nyatoh in Rantau near Seremban at their outdoor classes.

SEREMBAN: More than 400 pupils at a primary school near here have been studying under tents for the past two months after one of the school buildings was found to be unsafe.

Cracks appeared in the wooden and concrete building of SK Nyatoh in Rantau, which was built around 1890.

In August, part of a wall collapsed and almost crushed a student.

The school authorities alerted the state Public Works Department, which declared the building unsafe.

Officers found that the roof and walls of the building were on the verge of collapse due to damage caused by termites.

The department has cordoned off the area.

Since the incident, pupils in years Two, Three and Four have been studying under tents. Sometimes, rain disrupts the classes.

To make matters worse, the pupils are facing their year-end examinations next week.

State Education Department director Datuk Abdullah Mohamad said: "We will send five cabins with air-conditioning units as soon as possible so that the pupils can study comfortably.

"In fact, we have found an area for the cabins and they can be used by the end of the week."

He said the state PWD had approved the construction of two four-storey buildings to replace the damaged building, which would be demolished soon.