Thursday, May 7, 2009

BN Is Determined To Play “Monkey Politics”

What is the direction of the politics in this country?

Is this State Assembly or Boxing Arena?

BN way to power...

Today, 7 May 2009, is a sad day in political history in Perak as the legitimate speaker of Perak State Assembly V Sivakumar has been forced to leave the house. Plainclothes personnel dragged him out in the uncivilized manner although he is the rightful speaker who is supposed to administer and control the house. The people now learned that BN is full with “dirty strategy” in ensuring that they are still maintaining the power. They never bother how the “rakyat” will feel about their actions. What is important for them is POWER and MORE POWER.

Perak State Assembly has become a “circus” due to “BN monkey politics”

At first, we thought that the leaderships of Barisan Nasional have learned from the mistakes that they have committed when they were denied two third majority in the last General Election. They should have learned that people’s opinion must be respected and all of their propagandas that people owe them for the development are no longer applicable. Unfortunately, they become ARROGANT and MORE ARROGANT.
Say No to BN

For the “rakyat”, that is only one solution. We have to remove Barisan Nasional from power in the next General Election.